Festival 101

What is Stand By and how does it work?

Only a portion of available seats are sold in advance in order to save room for passholders. Once these advanced tickets have sold, a film is considered on Stand By. However, even for crowded films, we can often accommodate additional patrons just before showtime.

Numbered Stand By tickets are sold (cash or voucher only) beginning 1 hour before show time at the Stand By Lounge (located in the hallway, across from the main entrance to Tower City Cinemas). Stand By patrons are asked to line up just before showtime, at which point Stand By ticket holders are admitted in numerical ticket order on a space-available basis until the theater is full. Those who do not get into a Stand By film are refunded in the manner in which they purchased their ticket (cash or vouchers only).

Stand By ticket purchases and line-up for neighborhood screenings will be available for purchase 1 hour prior to the screening at the neighborhood theater's box office and follow the same time frame as regular Stand By.

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