Students from Northeast Ohio high schools have the extraordinary opportunity to see new films by some of the world's most innovative filmmakers, including short subjects programs in English, French, German, and Spanish. Participating teachers will receive study guides with background information on each film, discussion topics, curriculum links, and an introduction to media literacy. Also, filmmakers and other presenters will speak briefly and answer questions following each screening. Contact Beth Steele Radisek, FilmSlam Director, at 216.623.3456, ext.13 or for registration information.

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Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Alphée of the Stars (Alphée des étoiles)

Directed By Hugo Latulippe
Running Time: 82 Minutes

There is no greater joy than to see the world through a child’s eyes. But it is even more enchanting to see it through the eyes of ALPHÉE OF THE STARS, a five-year-old sparkle of light. At birth she was... {more}


Directed By Vincenzo Cosentino
Running Time: 90 Minutes

Martini’s left hand is called Handle, while his right hand is known as Handy. Martini relies upon Handle for his creative drive, while Handy is relegated to the armrest. After decades of being ignored and living with Handle’s mediocrity, Handy... {more}

Levitated Mass

Directed By Doug Pray
Running Time: 89 Minutes

It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s Super Rock! LEVITATED MASS, a sculpture of monolithic proportions 40+ years in the making, was conceptualized by Californian artist Michael Heizer and finally realized with the transportation and arrival of its... {more}


Directed By Shawn Thompson
Running Time: 60 Minutes

YEMENIETTES tells the incredibly inspiring story of a group of teenage girls from Yemen who start their own business. After years of gender inequality and poor education, a new generation of Yemeni females is beginning to empower themselves. Thanks to... {more}

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