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April 13, 2013   |   posted in Filmmakers


Martin Lund says that the main character in his film, “The Almost Man,” is not based on anyone specific. It is “me trying to describe situations that I find interesting and that I can relate to,” he says.

The film is about Henrik, a thirtysomething man who has difficulty adapting to adult life. The character-driven black comedy may not be for everyone. Those who have watched the film “connect with the situations,” including the dark humor, and can relate to the story.

But, he also says that the film can really divide an audience. “Some love it and some hate it,” Lund says. Perhaps it hits too close to home for some, because it may “challenge people and force them to accept quite a lot of things,” he says.

While writing the screenplay, Lund didn’t want to “be moralistic and tell people how to do this or that,” he says. He was just trying to depict a kind of behavior and “a trend in this specific generation.”

Those who are able to relate to Henrik and his situations “like it.” Those who aren’t, don’t.

Lund never knows which type of audience he’ll find at his screenings. He’s had people approach him after watching to say “it was so spot on to their lives it was scary,” while he’s noticed others walking out angry and frustrated.

Either way, Lund hopes that the audience will find his film “interesting” and that it gives them “food for thought, without me telling them what to think or feel,” he says.

“The Almost Man” is Lund’s second feature. His first, the 2010 kid pic “Twigson Ties the Knot,” is based on Anne Cath Vestly’s book series Knerten, one of Norway’s most popular children’s book series. Lund’s film was also a hit. After doing a big commercial film like “Twigson,” Lund “had the urge” to do something smaller and “something that I had written myself,” he says.

And he wants feedback on his latest film, hoping audiences will find it interesting and will “tell me what they think—regardless of what they think of it!” he says.

—Anne M. DiTeodoro
Director Martin Lund and Producer Ruben Thorkildsen. Photo by Janet Macoska.

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