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April 06, 2013   |   posted in Filmmakers


A few months back Kristy Guevara-Flanagan decided to spend a whole month watching only films directed by women. Much to her disappointment, she ran out of films before the month was over. An assistant professor at Diablo Valley College in California, she offers a possible explanation.

“Generally, more boys take my film production class,” she says. “And I often have to push my female students to take on more technical roles. This has an effect. Women aren’t writing the stories, and taking leadership roles in the process.”

The result is a media culture that often does not represent women in a realistic way. Guevara-Flanagan, who is both featured as part of CIFF’s Focus on Filmmaker programs and honored with the Someone to Watch Award, is interested in using the lens of gender to make films.

Her film, “Going on 13,” explores the lives of middle school-aged girls. She was interested in talking to them at that crucial turning point in their lives, as middle school is when things start to change. Essentially, this is the time when boys and girls performances in school begin to diverge.

Guevara-Flanagan became interested in “Wonder Women: The Untold Stories of American Superheroines” when she read an article in the New York Times about Gail Simone. She started thinking about the fact that the character of Wonder Woman was actually created by men. There was something about that contradiction that struck her.

The film looks at the female superhero turned feminist cultural icon, as well as the influence of other powerful female character like the Bionic Woman.

Wonder woman, though, is singular many ways. She has endured since the 1940s and served to inspire a whole generation of young women, who watched Linda Carter bring her to life on the television series.

"Unfortunately, there is not another strong, heroic female like her,” she says. “There is no question that she is the hero of the story.”

--Bridget Kriner
Photo by Janet Macoska

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