Trailblazing: Authentic Films on the Making of CIFF's Trailers

April 14, 2013, 12:00 AM   |   posted by in Videos


Every year by this time of the festival, we hear from our patrons that the trailer, specifically the catchy song, gets stuck in their head. While not at all a bad thing (you’re here to see numerous fabulous movies after all), this was heard and things changed this year. And in an entirely thrilling way! This year, for a first time in Cleveland International Film Festival history, we debuted 19 different trailers that were shown to audiences in an extremely organized fashion.

We were able to catch up with a few of the creative geniuses behind the trailers: Kate O’Neil, the Executive Producer, Kevin Kerwin, the writer/director/editor and Jon LaGuardia who was in charge of motion graphics and the finishing editors.

Kate O’Neil shared with us that in order to create an aspect of the festival that some patrons wait ALL year to see, they prepare months in advance and they are always thinking of what they are going to do. This year, all 19 trailers were shot in one day, but the edits took a good six months. And to make this happen, they pause on their lives to ensure that the trailers we see are up and ready to go in ample time. Their favorite part about putting the trailers together for us is the reaction from you, the audience. It is rewarding for them to be a part of the city and to celebrate the festival!

To create the festival’s trailers takes a great deal of collaboration from many people coming together. This year, O’Neil, Kerwin and LaGuardia would like to thank the actors in the trailers: Josh Logan and Mark McKenzie, as well as the team that made them possible:

Kevin Kerwin, Writer/Director
Kate O’Neil, Executive Producer
Kevin Kerwin, Editor
Jon LaGuardia, Motion Graphics, Finishing Editor
Keith Nickoson, Director of Photography
Jon LaGuardia, 2nd Camera
John Turk, Gaffer
Kip Gynn, Sound Recordist
Dan Bays, Sound Mixer
Image Campaign graphics: Brittyn DeWerth

Music: "Honest Man": Whiskey Daredevils from the release "Whiskey Daredevils III"

Greg Miller, Rebecca Wildman, Gary Siperko, and Leo Walsh

Special Thanks to:
Authentic Films LLC
Fusion Filmworks LLC
Tower City Cinemas
Commercial Sound and Image for Stereo Sound Mix

We want to know: Which trailer is YOUR favorite? Or can’t pick just one? Not a problem! We want to hear from you. Tweet your reply to us @CIFF on Twitter! And to hear them sharing their entire story, be sure to visit and watch the “Meet the Filmmaker” series on them.

--Meaghan Earley
Photo by Bob Reiland.

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