NUREMBERG: ITS LESSON FOR TODAY [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration]


Year: 2010
Run Time: 78 minutes

NUREMBERG: ITS LESSON FOR TODAY [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration]
The first Nuremberg trial (formally known as the International Military Tribunal) was convened in 1945 in Nuremberg, Germany to try the top Nazi leaders. It had a dual purpose: to show the German public that the Nazi leadership had been given a fair trial and to create a film that would offer an enduring lesson for all mankind. NUREMBERG: ITS LESSON FOR TODAY was originally made in 1948 by writer-director Stuart Schulberg, chief of the documentary film unit of the U.S. Military Government. Shown to Germans in 1948-49, it has now been restored and is being shown in U.S. theaters for the first time. Since the trial, the "Nuremberg principles" have been applied around the world when it has been necessary to prosecute war crimes or crimes against humanity. The film follows the structure of the trial, using the four counts of the indictment as its organizing principle. While much of it is set in the courtroom, NUREMBERG reconstructs the prosecution's case, and rebuts the defendants' assertions, by relying on the Nazis' own films. It derives power from its stark black and white cinematography and extremely graphic images of human suffering. –B.B.

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Stuart Schulberg

Pare Lorentz, Stuart Schulberg

Joseph Zigman

Director Bio
After directing NUREMBERG, Stuart Schulberg served as the Marshall Plan's film chief in Paris, then produced movies NO WAY BACK, DOUBLE DESTINY, EMBASSY BABY in Germany, and WIND ACROSS THE EVERGLADES in U.S. He also co-wrote the TV & Broadway adaptations of his brother Budd Schulberg's novel What Makes Sammy Run? In the 60s, he returned to news & documentary filmmaking, his true passion. As co-producer of "David Brinkley's Journal," he won an Emmy and many other awards. He produced NBC's "Today" program for 7 years, and at his death in 1979 was NBC's Senior Documentary Producer.

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