Patang (The Kite)


Year: 2011
Country: INDIA, USA
Run Time: 93 minutes

Hundreds of colorful kites sway in the breeze above the ancient western Indian city of Ahmedabad. The January kite festival of Uttarayan celebrates the time when the sun starts traveling north, a sign of coming summer. But this gentle festival sometimes takes on menacing undertones as kites begin to battle for supremacy overhead. THE KITE is a family drama that tells its story through a kaleidoscope, its hand-held camera swooping around the characters like the kites themselves. Jayesh is a successful businessman who brings his teenage daughter from Delhi to visit his family for the holiday. Sudha (Seema Biswas), his late brother's wife, lives with Jayesh's mother. Sudha's son is a drinker and gambler resentful of his rich uncle's intrusion into their lives. When Jayesh announces he's bought a new condo for them to move into, the family's strained relationships begin to fracture. Yet above earth-bound troubles, spirits are buoyed on a current of joy. The kites battle in colorful musical sequences not so different from Bollywood dance numbers. (In English and Hindi with subtitles) –B.B.

Prashant Bhargava

Nicolas Duval-Adassovsky, Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zenou

Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano

Mathieu Vadepied

Dorian Rigal-Ansous

Principal Cast
François Cluzet, Omar Sy

Director Bio
Prashant Bhargava, a native of Chicago, started off as a graffiti artist. He studied Theatrical Directing at the Actors Studio Drama School and Computer Science at Cornell University. Prior to his career as a filmmaker, he worked on a joint project of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and New York University, instructing Chicago Public School teachers to use media and technology to challenge public misconception.

Select Filmography
THE KITE (2011)

Print Source

Khushi Films
Jaideep Punjabi

Phone: +1 917 209 1

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