The Salt of Life (Gianni E Le Donne)


Year: 2011
Country: ITALY
Run Time: 90 minutes

Sad-eyed Gianni from 2010's "Mid-August Lunch" is back in THE SALT OF LIFE, a charming portrayal of an aging househusband's search for love. Gianni's retirement is slipping tediously by while he performs an unending laundry list of services for the ladies in his life. He and his wife have become comfortable co-habitants rather than romantic partners. His fabulous nonagenarian Mamma calls on him day and night for unneeded assistance. Gianni uncomplainingly does the shopping, cooking, and dog walking for his daughter Teresa, her unemployed live-in boyfriend, and their sexy neighbor. Gianni's lawyer friend Alonso, sensing he's in a slump, encourages him to seek out some extracurricular activities—it seems even the neighborhood codger is getting a piece of the action with a young lovely in the bakery. Their double date with nubile twins goes nowhere though, and Mamma's attractive nurse tells him he reminds her of her grandfather. Love is in the Roman air, but Gianni's gentlemanly behavior doesn't seem to be getting him anywhere. Or does it? (In Italian with subtitles) –B.B.

Gianni Di Gregorio

Nicolas Duval-Adassovsky, Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zenou

Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano

Mathieu Vadepied

Dorian Rigal-Ansous

Principal Cast
François Cluzet, Omar Sy

Director Bio
Gianni Di Gregorio was born in Rome in 1949. He writes and acts in his own films and also won many awards for co-writing the Mafia film "Gomorrah" (CIFF 2009). "Mid-August Lunch" (CIFF 2010), made when he was nearly 60, won him the David di Donatello award for Best New Director.

Select Filmography
"Mid-August Lunch" (2008), THE SALT OF LIFE (2011)

Print Source

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