Bad Seeds (Comme un homme)


Year: 2012
Country: FRANCE
Run Time: 95 minutes

Greg is a troubled kid with some pretty bad anger issues. When he's punished for threatening his English teacher Camille with a pair of scissors, he decides he wants revenge. He calls on help from his friend Louis, a quiet but nice kid still mixed up over the death of his mother. Together they kidnap Camille and take her to an abandoned cabin in the woods where Greg rapes her and leaves her alone overnight to "teach her a lesson." Louis, uncomfortable with the situation, begins to get anxious when one night becomes several days. On the day they agree to free her, Greg gets into a car accident, putting him in a coma. This leaves a fragile Louis to handle the issue. But, will he do the right thing? Or has the severity of their actions caused him to drift further into the evil world that Greg lured him into? BAD SEEDS is a psychological thriller that examines how quickly bad decisions can spiral out of control. (In French with subtitles) – E.F.

Safy Nebbou

Michel Saint-Jean

Safy Nebbou, Gilles Taurand

Pierre Cottereau

Bernard Sasia

Principal Cast
Charles Berling, Emile Berling, Sarah Stern, Kevin Azaīs

Director Bio
Safy Nebbou is a French writer, director, and actor who was born in Bayonne, Pyrenees-Atlantiques in 1958. He got his start in theater as a stage director in Paris. In addition to feature films, he's also directed shorts and commercials.

Select Filmography
"The Giraffe's Neck" (2004), "Angel Of Mine" (2008), "L' Autre Dumas" (2010), BAD SEEDS (2012)

Print Source

Memento Films International

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