Year: 2012
Run Time: 80 minutes

Choco’s daughter wants a fancy cake for her birthday. But Choco and her family live in poverty and this basic wish seems nearly impossible to fulfill. A bigger obstacle is Choco’s husband. He is a drunkard and a gambler, stealing what little money she earns (by panning gold from mercury-laden mines) and abusing her sexually when inebriated. Nevertheless, she is determined to give her daughter this simple gift, regardless of what it takes. To provide her children with any chance in life, Choco will use every ounce of courage she has and face any danger in her path. With stunning cinematography, this film evokes both the beauty and the hardships of Choco’s village. CHOCO investigates how poverty and the struggle to survive permit the cycles of abuse and female subjugation to continue. But those chains of oppression can be broken, and one night Choco is pushed to her limits and driven to a single, bloody act of liberation. (In Spanish with subtitles) – C.R.

Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza

Maritza Rincón, Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza

Alfonso Acosta, Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza

Paulo Pérez

Mauricio Vergara

Principal Cast
Karent Hinestroza, Esteban Copete, Daniela Mosquera, Sebastián Mosquera, Fabio Iván Restrepo

Director Bio
Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza is a producer, screenwriter, and production manager. This first feature film was nominated for Best Picture at the Cartegena Film Festival.

Select Filmography
CHOCO (2012)

Print Source

Memento Films International

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