Father's Birth (Naître Perè)


Year: 2012
Country: FRANCE
Run Time: 84 minutes

In France surrogacy is strictly forbidde. So when partners Jerome and Francois are looking to become fathers, they must search for the most liberal of places; a place where two gay lovers from France may make a baby with a woman they have never met; a place of such liberalism, they will be accepted and given the opportunity to prosper as a loving family: Wisconsin. FATHER'S BIRTH is a journey of love and discovery as Jerome and Francois travel to America to meet with Colleen, her husband, and their three children and get to know the woman who is going to make their dreams of fatherhood a reality. Touching, heartwarming, and whimsical, this film follows these two men between France and America, illustrating that nine months of waiting only proves that love knows no boundaries – geographical or social. Incredibly charming at its core, FATHER'S BIRTH gives the audience an intimate look at the greatest gift a person can give another: life. (In English and French with subtitles) – T.W.

Delphine Lanson

Carine Ruszniewski, Carole Lambert

Delphine Lanson

Delphine Lanson

Anne Klotz

Director Bio
Delphine Lanson is a French actress who trained in London. She has been orchestrating multiple successful careers as a screenwriter, director, and actress.

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