First Comes Love


Year: 2012
Country: USA
Run Time: 105 minutes

When director Nina Davenport found herself single and childless in her early 40s, she set sail on a journey of becoming a single mother in New York City. And FIRST COMES LOVE is an intimate and in-depth look at the struggles and joys of her passage to motherhood. Raised by a traditonal father who favored her two older brothers, Nina clung to the all-accepting love of her mother whose death left a void Nina seems destined to fill with her own motherly instincts. With the help of her best friend (also single, 40, and childless) and the sperm donation of her gay friend Eric, Nina chronicles her journey as she faces the opposition of her father, brothers, and society to become a single mother. FIRST COMES LOVE is an incredible and vulnerable look at a woman’s search for meaning, documented in the autobiographical style that Nina has mastered in her earlier films. Touching and warm, it’s a courageous portrait of a woman’s quest to redefine family for herself. – T.W.

Nina Davenport

Nina Davenport

Nina Davenport

Nina Davenport

Nina Davenport

Director Bio
Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Nina Davenport received her B.A. in Visual Studies from Harvard University and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Select Filmography
"Hello Photo" (1995), "Always a Bridesmaid" (2000), "Parallel Lines" (2004), "Operation Filmmaker" (2007), FIRST COMES LOVE (2012)

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