I Declare War


Year: 2012
Country: CANADA
Run Time: 91 minutes

Remember when you were young and you played War and Cops 'n Robbers? Pretty sweet, right? Well, in I DECLARE WAR, we get to actually see a game of War played through the eyes of the young participants … and they have pretty awesome rules. An exquisite film depicting the brutality of war being played out by young teens (think "Lord of the Flies" meets "Stand By Me"), I DECLARE WAR scoffs at the idea of separating kids from violence by putting the youth in play with the violence. When Skinner performs a coup against his own general and takes Kwon prisoner, opposing general P.K. must do all he can to rescue his best friend and protect his undefeated War record. With their imaginations as the catalysts for the horrors of the killing fields, these kids are playing an intense game complete with guns, grenades, and jealous rage. But the costs of War run deep and soon they realize that even in games, as in life, rules are meant to be broken. –T.W.

Jason Lapeyre, Robert Wilson

Lewin Webb

Jason Lapeyre

Ray Dumas

Aaron Marshall

Principal Cast
Siam Yu, Gage Munroe, Michael Friend

Director Bio
Jason Lapeyre was born in Victoria, British Columbia. His films have shown all over Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom. Robert Wilson, a native Canadian, is an established music video and film director. I DECLARE WAR won the Best Film at this year's Action Fest in Asheville, North Carolina.

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The Film Sales Company



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