Year: 2012
Country: USA
Run Time: 76 minutes

As a documentary film crew sets out to profile the New York art scene, their project takes a drastically different turn when they meet Nicholas Forker. Known for his ink and pen renderings of astronauts, Forker is a buzzing artist whose work has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal. When he receives an e-mail from a gallery in Cleveland interested in setting up an exhibition of his work, the crew decides to follow him there to document the event. The plan is to do a show in the tunnels of Kingsbury Run, once the crime scene for murders committed by the "Torso Killer." That's when things start to get weird. When they arrive, they find that the e-mails weren't what they thought they were, leading them on a dangerous journey to figure out what to do next. But is there something Forker isn't telling the filmmakers? KINGSBURY is a mix of "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and "The Blair Witch Project," always leaving you wondering: who exactly is being punked here? – E.F.

Alexander Klein

Alexander Klein

Alfredo Alcantara, Eric Chakeen, Ben Altarescu

Daniel Algarin

Principal Cast
Nicholas Forker, Valentine Bureau

Director Bio
Alexander Klein was raised in San Francisco and received a degree in English Literature at UC Berkeley. Before entering the world of film, Klein was a professional skateboarder and a contributing writer to various magazines dedicated to the sport. He currently resides in New York.

Select Filmography
"God Went Surfing With The Devil" (2010), KINGSBURY (2012)

Print Source

Alexander Klein

Film Sponsor

William Busta Gallery

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