Mariachi Gringo


Year: 2012
Country: MEXICO, USA
Run Time: 107 minutes

Edward's life isn't going the way he planned. At 30 he still lives at home in the rural American town he grew up in. His parents spend their time glued to the television. His countless attempts to get them to expand their horizons go ignored. Frustrated and depressed, he ends up venturing to a new Mexican restaurant by himself where he's charmed by Alberto, a jovial old man performing beautiful mariachi music. Excited by Edward's undeniable enthusiasm for his playing, and disappointed that his own kids aren't interested, Alberto takes him under his wing. Edward's passion for mariachi grows and he finds himself transformed by the magical effect it has on his spirit. Motivated by advice from Alberto, Edward drops everything and goes to Mexico to pursue his dream of joining a mariachi band. The generous people he meets on his adventure begin to change his whole outlook on life. MARIACHI GRINGO is a truly inspiring story about a man who finds genuine happiness by following his heart. – E.F.

Tom Gustafson

Alejandra Cardenas, Tom Gustafson, Cory Krueckeberg

Cory Krueckeberg

Kira Kelly

Cory Krueckeberg, Jenny Lee

Principal Cast
Shawn Ashmore, Martha Higareda, Lila Downs, Kate Burton, Adriana Barraza

Director Bio
Tom Gustafson has worked in Hollywood in the casting department for over ten years. He was Location Casting Director of "The Dark Knight" and two of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. He is the founder of SPEAKproductions and currently resides in New York.

Select Filmography
"Were the World Mine" (2008), MARIACHI GRINGO (2012)

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Film Sponsor

Rosner Ortman & Moss Partners

Community Partner

Young Latino Network


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