Year: 2012
Run Time: 92 minutes

Don McCullin has seen things the rest of us could never imagine seeing up close. As a photojournalist, he's been within inches of some of the worst atrocities of our time. He stood helpless as children starved to death in Biafra, watched boys beaten and shot in the Congo, and saw mutilated bodies thrown from the rooftops in Beirut. These are only a few examples of the absolutely horrific situations McCullin was witness to. Violence in Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria, and Uganda were particularly brutal on his psyche as he explains with a heavy heart in McCULLIN, which documents his five-decade long career. In the film, he argues against critics of his profession who fail to see the important role his images had in exposing the evil that was unfolding. The physical and mental danger he risked to bring attention to humanity's lowest moments is nothing short of extraordinary. McCULLIN turns the camera on a man who's spent most of his unimaginable life behind it. – E.F.

Jacqui Morris, David Morris

Jacqui Morris

Michael Wood, Richard Stewart

Andy McGraw, David Fairhead

Director Bio
Jacqui Morris and David Morris are a British brother-sister duo who began their film careers in casting. Jacqueline has produced several shorts in addition to her co-directing jobs with David, a writer who also designed the video game, Warrior Kings.

Select Filmography
"Mr. Right" (2009), MCCULLIN (2012)

Print Source

Frith Street Films

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