My Beautiful Country (Die Brücke am Ibar)


Year: 2012
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 88 minutes

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In Kosovo the war between the Serbs and the Albanians shatters the lives of Danica and her two sons. Her husband is dead, bombings are daily occurrences, and material in an abandoned tank is making local children sick. Danica returns home one day to find that Ramiz, an injured Albanian soldier, has taken refuge in her house. Despite the hatreds around her, she nurses him to health. Danica knows the risks she is taking, but she and Ramiz are falling in love and his presence creates a new, if dangerous, family for her. When a neighbor denounces Danica to the militia, Ramiz is forced to flee back to Albania. But Danica’s youngest son has gone there as well, innocently following an ill Albanian classmate over the only bridge, now closed and heavily guarded. Will Danica be able to contact Ramiz? And will he be able to save her child and return with him? MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY follows them as they defy governments and armies to forge a family out of the ashes of war. (In Serbian and Croatian with subtitles) – C.R.

Michaela Kezele

Gabriela Sperl

Michaela Kezele

Felix Novo De Oliveira

Andre Bendocchi-Alves

Principal Cast
Zrinka Cvitešič, Mišel Matičevič, Andrija Nikčevič, Miloš Mesarovič, Danica Ristovski

Director Bio
Michaela Kezele was born in 1975 in Munich, Germany. She is a film actress, writer, and director. She received nominations for directing and screenwriting at numerous film festivals, including Montréal and Munich, and won Best Film at the Bavarian Film Awards for MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.

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Print Source

Global Screen GmbH

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