Year: 2012
Country: POLAND
Run Time: 80 minutes

Nothing is more important to young Tadzik than healing his relationship with his estranged sister Anka. She is the only family he has left. But when he arrives unannounced to spend his summer break with her, she is unenthusiastic about the visit. She also reveals that she is engaged. Tadzik soon learns her fiancé is a man of dubious character, connected to racists who attack and harass local minorities. He immediately imposes himself as head of his sister’s household, determined to protect Anka and provide for her himself. Even the affection of a beautiful young Gypsy girl cannot lure his attention away from his sister. Anka senses things going very wrong and she realizes the true nature of her fiance’s dealings. She also begins to see the darker implications of her brother’s obsession to be with her. All of these elements are becoming increasingly explosive and Tadzik is the spark that could set them off. Forbidden lines are about to be crossed in SHAMELESS. (In Polish with subtitles) – C.R.

Filip Marczewski

Michał‚ Kwieciński

Grzegorz Łoszewski

Szymon Lenkowski

Rafał‚ Listopad

Principal Cast
Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Anna Próchniak, Maciej Marczewski

Director Bio
Born in 1974 in Lodz, Poland, Filip Marczewski grew up in a cinematic family. His father is director Wojciech Marczewski and his mother and brother are film actors. He is an acclaimed writer and director and has won numerous awards for his short films. Most recently he was nominated for the 2012 Golden Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival for SHAMELESS.

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