The Devil's Dosh


Year: 2012
Country: USA
Run Time: 29 minutes

From the ruins of 1949 East London rises Marcus, an unassuming young man working as a custodian in a notorious brothel. Gertie, Marcus' pregnant mother and the brothel's ruthless madam, regularly beats Marcus to 'make a man' out of him. Gertie gives birth to Marcus' half-sister, tasking Marcus with disposing of the baby. Marcus is forced to decide - ultimately fleeing with the baby to a Catholic mission where he finds an equally corrupt foe in Father Seevick, who shakes Marcus down for brothel money. Realizing they're all alone, Marcus returns to the brothel to put his life and soul on the line, setting into motion a bloody confrontation that leads to his becoming criminal royalty.

Shorts Program
Late Night Shorts Program 3

Zach Guerra

Brian O'Hare

Zachary Guerra

Maxime Alexandre

Matt Chesse, Mark Newman

Principal Cast
George MacKay, Lorraine Stanley, Vincent Regan, Perry Benson

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