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The Exquisite Corpse Project


Year: 2012
Country: USA
Run Time: 84 minutes

The Exquisite Corpse Project
The Exquisite Corpse Project
The Exquisite Corpse Project
The Exquisite Corpse Project

This is not a zombie film, so get that thought out of your head. THE EXQUISITE CORPSE PROJECT is a brilliantly comedic and original film about five comedy writers brought together to write a script. However, each writer can only write 15 pages of said script and each writer can only read the previous five pages before they start their own 15. The six gentlemen (including director Ben Popik) were internet phenoms with a large following as the sketch comedy troupe Olde English, but their crossover limitations led to in-fighting and the eventual break-up of the group. Now, years later, their reunion leads to what can only end up as an ingenious project or a complete disaster. The documentary side of this film is a tour-de-force of hand-wringing, head-banging brilliance mixed with side-splitting comedy. Combining footage of the behind-the-scenes process with footage of the actual film these men wrote and produced, THE EXQUISITE CORPSE PROJECT is a fascinating look at how comedy can lead to tragedy then romance then crime caper then supernatural thriller and back to comedy. – T.W.

The Exquisite Corpse Project

CIFF37 Screenings

Tower City Cinemas

Friday, April 12, 2013 at 2:20 PM

Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 9:30 PM

Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Recommended for High School +

American Independents Competition

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Ben Popik

Ben Popik, Joanna Popik, Margaret Laney, Marshall Rimmer

Chioke Nassor, Joel Clark, Adam Conover, Dave Segal, Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Marshall Rimmer

Ben Popik, Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Principal Cast
Caleb Bark, Megan Raye Manzi, Julia Frey, Trevor Williams

Director Bio
Ben Popik was a founding member of Olde English, which was formed at Bard College. As a member of Olde English, Popik was a part of over 200 short films produced with the sketch group.

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