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The Repentant (El Taaib)


Year: 2012
Run Time: 87 minutes

The Repentant
The Repentant
The Repentant
The Repentant
The Repentant

A lone jihadist runs through the high flatlands of Algeria, looking over his shoulder as he heads back to his native village. The Civil War has raged for more than ten years, and though Islamic terrorists continue to sow fear, the new government has decreed amnesty for those who lay down their arms. Young Rashid, THE REPENTANT, is one of those who have returned from the mountains. He surrenders his weapon to the local policeman, who unexpectedly finds him a job in a café. But the law can't erase Rashid's past, and even back in the city he's drawn toward secrets, manipulation, and violence. He places a phone call to Lakhdar, an unhappy pharmacist who drinks too much wine, telling him he has some information he might be interested in. Soon Lakhdar and his bitter ex-wife Djamila are drawn into Rashid's plan, which leads them all back to the hills. In veteran filmmaker Merzak Allouache's tense drama, conflict inevitably breeds more conflict. (In Arabic with subtitles) – B.B.

The Repentant (El Taaib)

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Islamic and Arab Societies
Pan-African Images


Merzak Allouache

Yacine Djadi

Merzak Allouache

Mohamed Tayeb Laggoune

Sylvie Gadmer

Principal Cast
Adila Bendimerad, Khaled Benaissa, Nabil Asli

Director Bio
Born in 1944, Merzak Allouache studied film in his native Algeria and subsequently at IDHEC in Paris. His 1977 debut film marked the birth of the new Algerian cinema.

Select Filmography
"Omar Gatlato" (1977), "Mughamarat batal" (1979), "L'homme qui regardait les fenetres" (1986), "Un amour a Paris" (1987), "L'apres-Octobre" (1987), "Bab El-Oued City" (1994), "Salut cousin!" (1996), "L'autre monde" (2001), "Chouchou" (2003), "Bab el web" (2005), "Harragas" (2009), "Normal!" (2011), THE REPENTANT (2012)

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