The Valley of Tears (La Vallée des larmes)


Year: 2012
Country: CANADA
Run Time: 95 minutes

In THE VALLEY OF TEARS, there is sometimes solace to be found. Marie is a chic but emotionally cold Quebecoise editor who specializes in the testimonies of genocide survivors. A self-described “functional alcoholic,” she’s alienated from her family, with little time to visit her comatose mother in the hospital. One day anonymous envelopes start arriving at her office, containing the story of a young Palestinian who grew up in a Lebanese refugee camp following a massacre in 1982. Her curiosity piqued, Marie tries to discover who their author is. The envelopes lead her to Joseph, a mysterious Lebanese worker hired to paint the editorial offices. Though Marie and Joseph hail from very different worlds, they find they have something in common. When Joseph suddenly disappears, Marie is jolted out of her circumscribed life. She undertakes a journey to Lebanon, intent on uncovering the secrets of both the massacre and of Joseph’s past. This gripping drama features a standout performance by Canadian actress Nathalie Coupal. (In French and Arabic with subtitles) – B.B.

Maryanne Zéhil

Maryanne Zéhil

Maryanne Zéhil

Pierre Mignot

Lorraine Dufour

Principal Cast
Nathalie Coupal, Joseph Antaki, Wafa Tarabey, Layla Hakim, Nathalie Mallette

Director Bio
Beirut-born, Maryanne Zéhil is based in Quebec. Informed by North American, European, and Middle-Eastern culture, her work is intended to open a dialogue among societies. She is now working on her two next feature films.

Select Filmography
"From My Window Without a Home" (2006), THE VALLEY OF TEARS (2012)

Print Source

Mia Productions

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