The Weekend (Das Wochenende)


Year: 2012
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 97 minutes

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After 18 years in prison for his activities with a left-wing militant group, Jens is a free man. His sister Tina invites friends to her country estate, ostensibly to welcome him home. Summoned are a former comrade who has written a tell-all book: Jens’ former lover Inga and her husband, a successful Berlin chef. Inga’s teenage daughter Doro shows up uninvited, thinking her mom’s ex sounds like a dangerously cool gangster. But Jens is a brooding, intense man who clings to his radical ideas and remains obsessed with discovering who turned him in. While his friends chatter over wine, he smokes under a tree alone. Doro can’t fathom such dedication to a cause: “Did you guys really believe all that stuff? What would it have changed?” When an agitated stranger accosts Jens, he’s forced to articulate his position. Based on a novel by Bernhard Schlink (author of The Reader), this engrossing chamber play asks whether it takes more courage to hew to our convictions or reconsider them. (In German with subtitles) – B.B.

Nina Grosse

Nina Maag, Nico Hofmann, Thomas Peter Friedl

Nina Grosse

Benedict Neuenfels

Mona Bräuer

Principal Cast
Katja Riemann, Sebastian Koch, Tobias Moretti, Barbara Auer, Sylvester Groth

Director Bio
Nina Grosse studied directing at the University of Television & Film in Munich. She is mainly active as a writer and director of TV productions.

Select Filmography
"Der gläserne Himmel" (1987), "Nie im Leben" (1991), "Thea und Nat" (1992), "Feuerreiter" (1998), "Olga's Summer" (2002), THE WEEKEND (2012)

Print Source

Global Screen GmbH

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