Twigson Ties The Knot (Knerten gifter seg)


Year: 2010
Country: NORWAY
Run Time: 78 minutes

Junior is a little boy with a big imagination who lives in an idyllic, sun-lit Norwegian village. His best friend is a lively piece of wood named Twigson who’s always making silly jokes. Junior’s mom works in a store where she loves to listen to royal gossip on the radio. It’s 1968 and everyone’s talking about the upcoming wedding of Crown Prince Harald to his bride. But there’s lots going on this summer: first, the new kid in town seems pretty mean; second, Junior’s friend Vesla has a new girl twig that sets Twigson’s knobby knees a-knocking. Then something terrible happens: Junior’s mom has a bike accident and lands in the hospital. What kind of bad person hits a mom on a bike? Junior and Twigson turn the town upside down to find out. Martin Lund’s TWIGSON TIES THE KNOT is a warm, gentle film that offers something for everyone, from animated twigs for the kindergarten set to a cool 60s vibe for their grownups. (In Norwegian with subtitles) – B.B.

Martin Lund

Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B. Kvae

Birgitte Bratseth

Morten Halfstad Forsberg

Steinar Stalsberg

Principal Cast
Adrian Grønnevik Smith, Petrus A. Christensen, Pernille Sørensen, Jan Gunnar Røse

Director Bio
Martin Lund was born in Oslo in 1979. Having trained as an art director at Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo, he graduated from the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer in 2008.

Select Filmography
TWIGSON TIES THE KNOT (2010), "The Almost Man" (2012)

Print Source

Norwegian Film Institute

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