Up There


Year: 2012
Run Time: 80 minutes

Martin (the perfectly cast Burn Gorman) has been deceased for a few years now and spends his days working as a Carer, welcoming new arrivals to the after-life. Not all angels, harps, and clouds, the after-life instead includes group therapy, micromanaging supervisors, and Starers. All Martin wants is to be Up There, the next and final step in the after-life. But in order to move on, Martin must satisfy his supervisor’s definition of progress and show that he has adjusted to his current predicament. UP THERE is a charmingly light comedy about moving on and moving Up, where the dead can’t walk through walls but can check in on their loved ones. When Martin and his new partner Rash lose a newcomer, they must trek to the coast in order to bring the runaway in to the Moving On Centre. It may be Martin’s last chance to prove he belongs Up There, and with the local dead getting in his way, this may be one of the toughest assignments of his dead-end career. – T.W.

Zam Salim

Annalise Davis

Zam Salim

Ole Birkeland

Richard Graham

Principal Cast
Burn Gorman, Aymen Hamdouchi, Kate O'Flynn

Director Bio
British director Zam Salim is a highly successful short film director, having won numerous awards world-wide, including being nominated for two BAFTAs and winning Best Director at the British Academy Awards Scotland for UP THERE.

Select Filmography
UP THERE (2012)

Print Source

Wilder Films



This film is presented by ALISTAIR & JOYCE FYFE in loving memory of JOHN D. MARTIN

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