Year: 2012
Country: EGYPT, USA
Run Time: 85 minutes

In 2011 Egypt made history when President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, following weeks of citizen protests. The people's loud but mostly peaceful actions directly led to the results they wanted. By standing together, despite fierce opposition, they successfully ended a corrupt regime and set the path for their own democracy. Their powerful message inspired others in the region as part of a revolution known as the Arab Spring. While many saw these events as outside observers, UPRISING chronicles the event from the inside, with insight from its organizers, journalists in the region, and past and present political figures. It also examines the important role that social media played in the movement, from its obvious use as a communication tool to Mubarak's internet blackout plan backfiring, which only caused more people to flood the streets. The documentary also examines the difficulties the country still faces in its quest for true democracy. UPRISING is an intimate look at a nation that fought fear with courage. (In English and Arabic with subtitles) – E.F.

Fredrik Stanton

Alexander Davidis, Samer Ezeldin, Fredrik Stanton

Fredrik Stanton

Samer Ezeldin

William James Hamilton

Director Bio
Fredrik Stanton earned a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University. He was the publisher of their newspaper, the Columbia Daily Spectator, during his time at the school. He wrote his first book, Great Negotiations: Agreements that Changed the Modern World, in 2010.

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Fredrik Stanton



Film Sponsor

The Northeast Ohio Consortium for Middle East Studies

Community Partner

Cleveland Council on World Affairs

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