52 Tuesdays


Year: 2013
Run Time: 114 minutes

Sixteen-year-old Billie is trying to come to terms with her mother's transition from female to male. It's an awkward time for her entire family; but for a teenage girl, it's especially rough. As her mom transforms from Jane to James, Billie is sent to live with her father Tom in an effort to make the switch less stressful. In reality, the distance only makes things harder for Billie, who feels completely left out. During this period she begins to rebel, spending evenings filming the sexual escapades of a couple she meets at school. She finds herself exploring her own sexuality, as her relationship with them morphs into a messy love triangle. This eventually leads to serious trouble for Billie. Meanwhile, her mom is experiencing depression, stemming from her body's rejection to testosterone. As they drift apart, it becomes clear how alike they really are. They're both struggling to find themselves, looking for an identity in which they feel comfortable. 52 TUESDAYS, which was shot on chronological Tuesdays over the course of a year, is extremely genuine in its honest portrayal of the difficulties that transgender families face. —E.F.

Sophie Hyde

Bryan Mason, Matthew Cormack, Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde

Matthew Cormack

Bryan Mason

Bryan Mason

Principal Cast
Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Del Herbert-Jane, Mario Späte, Beau Travis Williams, Imogen Archer, Sam Althuizen

Director Bio
Sophie Hyde is a writer, director, and producer from Australia. She co-founded Closer Productions, a collective of award-winning filmmakers in Adelaide, South Australia. In 2009 she won Best Experimental Short Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival for "Necessary Games."

Select Filmography
"Life in Movement" (2011), 52 TUESDAYS (2013)

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