82 Days in April (82 Dagen in April)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 89 minutes

Herman and Marie have flown to Turkey to pick up their son Maarten’s belongings. While on a tour through that country, Maarten was killed in an accident. All that remains is his back pack. While sorting through it, Herman finds a journal detailing his travels, along with brochures and receipts. He is suddenly seized with the desire to piece together Maarten's last trip and retrace the journey, to see and experience everything his son did during his final days. Marie reluctantly follows him on this unexpected adventure, wondering what he hopes to gain. As they set out to trace their son's last excursion, Herman becomes more obsessed with duplicating every detail possible. Marie, meanwhile, begins to withdraw and questions the sanity of what they are doing. Haunting and powerful, 82 DAYS IN APRIL is a beautifully crafted exploration of the painful and sometimes wonderful roads we need to travel to finally get to peace and closure. As Herman and Marie say a slow, passionate farewell to their son, they find they are discovering themselves. (In English, Flemish, and Turkish with subtitles) —C.R.

Bart Van den Bempt

Ellen De Waele

Bart Van den Bempt

Rik Zang

Dieter Diependaele

Principal Cast
Karen Vanparys, Marc Peeters

Director Bio
Bart Van den Bempt is a psychologist turned filmmaker. After graduating from film school in Brussels, he traveled around the world on a cargo ship. Afterward he spent many years writing and director commercials and working in theater. 82 DAYS IN APRIL was nominated for the 2013 Golden Zenith Award at the Montréal World Film Festival.

Select Filmography
82 DAYS IN APRIL (2013)

Print Source

Serendipity Films



This film is presented with the generous support of MIKE FLUELLEN.

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