A Time in Quchi (Shu Jia Zuo Ye)


Year: 2013
Country: TAIWAN
Run Time: 110 minutes

When Bao is sent to his grandfather's house for the summer, he's not exactly pleased. The countryside seems like another planet compared to the city, and, worst of all, there's no cable TV. As he spends the hours with his face glued to a tablet screen, the beauty and adventure surrounding him go unnoticed. His parents, who are in the midst of a divorce, placed him and his little sister with their grandpa, hoping to spare them from seeing the messy side of a breakup. However, they've also neglected to notice how any of it has affected their kids, particularly their apathetic son. As the summer unfolds, Bao is forced to step outside of his comfort zone, trading technology for real life friendships and human interaction. He'll also have to face loss head on, a harrowing experience that will forever change him. In the course of one summer, Bao will grow up. Chang Tso-chi finds the perfect balance in A TIME IN QUCHI. It's tender, but never mawkish; visually arresting, yet still maintaining the right level of rawness. Note: Recommended for pre-teens and older. (In Mandarin and Taiwanese with subtitles) —E.F.

Chang Tso-chi

Kao Wen-horng

Chang Tso-chi

Yuan Ching-kuo, Jacky Chen, Shu Chih-chun

Chang Tso-chi

Principal Cast
Yang Lian-yu, Kuan Yun-loong, Lin Ya-ruo, Yen Yung-heng, Jiang Shaoyi

Director Bio
Chang Tso-chi was born in Taiwan in 1961. He studied film and drama at the Chinese Culture University. In 1996 he won Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for "Ah-chung."

Select Filmography
"Midnight Revenge" (1994), "Ah-chung" (1996), "Darkness And Light" (1999), "The Best Of Times" (2001), "Soul Of A Demon" (2008), "How Are You, Dad?" (2009), "When Love Comes" (2010), A TIME IN QUCHI (2013)

Print Source

Chang Tso-chi Film Studio



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