Alive Inside


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 74 minutes

Across our nation there are facilities full of people lost to Alzheimer's and dementia. What if there was a way to reach them, to reconnect them to themselves? This documentary follows Dan Cohen, a social worker who began bringing iPods and headphones in so patients could listen to music. The effect was remarkable. People who had not responded to medications or therapy suddenly seemed to awaken, recalling memories and regaining some motor skills. Dan's excitement at the discovery led to further attempts, and a national movement was launched. Backed by many in the medical profession, investigations began into the powerful role that music and memory play in the treatment of patients formerly considered the “living dead.” For three years filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett followed Dan in his quest to reach as many patients as possible, bringing the use of music into common practice to replace costly drugs that have little effect. Heart-rending and joyous, this film documents not only that journey, but also the miraculous re-emergence of people who, though deeply buried, are still very much ALIVE INSIDE. —C.R.

Michael Rossato-Bennett

Michael Rossato-Bennett

Shachar Langlev

Michael Rossato-Bennett, Mark Demolar, Manuel Tsingaris

Michael Rossato-Bennett

Director Bio
Michael Rossato-Bennett studied film at Temple University. He began his documentary career with the short film "Street Dance" funded by the Ohio Arts Council. He founded a photo studio in Cincinnati and shot for National Geographic and Smithsonian. ALIVE INSIDE won the Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.

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Film Sponsor

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

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Community Partner

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Alzheimer's Association

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