Amka and the Three Golden Rules


Year: 2014
Run Time: 86 minutes

Amka is a sweet Mongolian boy. The tragic loss of his parents has made him the sole provider for his family. He wakes up early to go into town and get water for his little sister, reminding her about the importance of washing her hands. He collects plastic bottles for money, only for his older brother to waste it getting drunk every night. One day he finds a gold coin and sells it at the local store for money. Now he has cool clothes and the other village boys let him play soccer. Amka shirks off his responsibilities, spending all day playing pay-by-the-hour video games until his money runs out and he has to borrow more from his friends. When he can’t repay his debts, he escapes to the countryside where his uncle exposes him to the old ways of life and teaches him a valuable lesson about responsibility. AMKA AND THE THREE GOLDEN RULES is a heart-warming tale for all ages. (In Mongolian with subtitles) —A.L.P.

Babar Ahmed

Babar Ahmed

Babar Ahmed

Babar Ahmed

Babar Ahmed

Principal Cast
Genzorig Telmen, Dashnyam Maralgua, Hereltogoo Chuluunbaatar, Enkh Tuvshin, Batmunk Hulongoo

Director Bio
Babar Ahmed is a Pakastani-born writer and director who studied economics at University College London and completed post-graduate work at the New York Film Academy and Cambridge University.

Select Filmography
"Genius" (2003), "Royal Kill" (2009), "Sid's Paralysis" (2011), AMKA AND THE THREE GOLDEN RULES (2014)

Print Source

Babar Ahmed

Community Partner

Nepal Orphans Home

International Institute of Akron

Vision of Angels Youth Foundation

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