Year: 2013
Run Time: 78 minutes

Anina Yatay Salas is a 5th grader with bright red hair and a big imagination. Her family is creative and a little bit crazy, and her thoughts often dissolve into flights of fantasy. Anina’s dad is obsessed with palindromes—words that read the same backwards as forwards. That’s why she was given the name she hates so much. After Anina fights with a big girl known as Yisel the Elephant, the school principal issues the girls a weird punishment: they are each handed a black envelope that they’re not allowed to open for a week. The suspense is almost more than Anina can stand. What dreadful thing is inside the envelope? Will the school project she has to do with Yisel work out? Maybe she’ll discover some things about life she didn’t know before. ANINA is a wonderfully animated film that displays the visual talent of director/children’s book illustrator Alfredo Soderguit. (In Spanish with subtitles) —B.B.

Alfredo Soderguit

Germán Tejeira, Julián Goyoaga, Jhonny Hendrix

Federico Ivanier, Alfredo Soderguit, Germán Tejeira, Julián Goyoaga, Alejo Schettini

Juan Carve

Julián Goyoaga, Germán Tejeira

Principal Cast
Federica Lacaño, César Troncoso, María Mendive, Guillermina Pardo

Director Bio
Alfredo Soderguit was born in Uruguay. After working as a children's book illustrator and animator, he founded SO (Symbolic Operation), an art group that staged large-scale installations across Montevideo. One of the almost 40 books he has illustrated, Anina Yatay Salas is the inspiration of this film.

Select Filmography
ANINA (2013)

Print Source

Raindogs Cine

Film Sponsor

Ursuline College

Community Partner

Horizon Education Centers

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