As the Palaces Burn


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 90 minutes

AS THE PALACES BURN was supposed to be a tour documentary that spotlighted Lamb of God's growing global fanbase. But then all hell broke loose. Halfway through filming in 2012, the heavy metal band was greeted by Czech authorities as they exited a plane in Prague. Lead singer Randy Blythe was then arrested for his supposed involvement in a fan's death in 2010. After jumping on stage several times, the fan was allegedly pushed back into the crowd by Blythe, hitting his head on the barricade on the way down. He remained at the show without incident, but died hours later from head trauma. Because of the amount of time passed, no one had any recollection of the show. Not to mention the fact that the situation described could fit just about any rock show. AS THE PALACES BURN is extremely personal, capturing the most vulnerable moments during Blythe's imprisonment and his subsequent manslaughter trial. For a genre that's often considered cold, seeing the metal community's tremendous outpouring of love and support for Blythe during the ordeal is truly moving. —E.F.

Don Argott

Sheena M. Joyce

Don Argott, Demian Fenton

Demian Fenton

Director Bio
New Jersey native Don Argott is a documentary filmmaker who owns the production company 9.14 Pictures. He is also the guitarist for the instrumental metal band Serpent Throne. Argott currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Select Filmography
"Rock School" (2005), "Two Days In April" (2007), "The Art Of The Steal" (2009), "Last Days Here" (2011), "The Atomic States Of America" (2012), AS THE PALACES BURN (2013)

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