Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story


Year: 2014
Country: USA
Run Time: 88 minutes

Wet those lips and get ready for the mouth-watering story of the success behind the pornographic magazine Hustler. Founded and published by the notorious Larry Flynt, Hustler has become known as one of the most explicit adult magazines. Framed by a conversation between director Michael Lee Nirenberg and his father Bill, Art and Creative Director for Hustler in the late 70s to early 80s, BACK ISSUES: THE HUSTLER MAGAZINE STORY features employees, photographers, writers, lawyers, models, and other adult industry hotshots involved with the volatile powerhouse. As pages of the mag flip by, we learn how Flynt’s success, rooted in Ohio, gained momentum and eventually led him to Hollywood. Always a business man, even in his 70s, it’s clear how dedicated Flynt is to the industry he built, overcoming the dwindling sales of the publishing world and guiding the trade into the 21st century. A tantalizing romp,this documentary is sure to give you a rise. —A.L.P.

Michael Lee Nirenberg

John Torrani, Flynn Hundhausen, Nick McKinney, Meghan O'Hara, Michael Lee Nirenberg

Flynn Hundhausen, Michael Lee Nirenberg

Flynn Hundhausen

John Torrani

Larry Flynt, Jimmy Flynt, Al Goldstein, William Nirenberg, Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy, Taylor Wane, Joseph Paul Franklin

Director Bio
Michael Lee Nirenberg was born in L.A. in 1978 and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He received his B.F.A. from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. An artist, Nirenberg has directed several shorts and often works in the film industry as a scenic artist and production designer.

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Restraining Order Ltd.

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