Before the Revolution (Lifnei Hamahapecha)


Year: 2013
Country: ISRAEL
Run Time: 60 minutes

At one time Israel and Iran had a mutually prosperous political and economic relationship. Israelis living in Tehran enjoyed great privilege and wealth. Such was the much coveted “friendship of the Middle East”—Iran supplied oil while Israel helped with infrastructure and weapons. It seemed idyllic; but a storm was brewing, the warnings of which were largely ignored. In 1979 that storm erupted. The Islamic Revolution shook the Shah's regime. Suddenly, the Israelis in Tehran were the enemies of the people and existed in fear for their very lives. Director Dan Shadur's family was there at the time. Interviewing many who were forced to flee, as well as using a wealth of news and personal footage shot during these events, he has crafted a riveting and intimate look at the seismic political shift that has formed the Middle East we know today. BEFORE THE REVOLUTION highlights what “Argo” didn't show you: the real story of the cultural tidal wave that hit Iran and the men, women, and children who were caught in its path. (In Hebrew and Persian with English subtitles) —C.R.

Dan Shadur

Barak Heymann

Itay Marom, Itai Neeman

Nili Feller


Director Bio
Dan Shadur is a graduate of the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University. He was a newspaper writer and editor before moving into film. He is founder of Shadurian Publishers, a venue for cutting-edge Israeli and international authors.

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Print Source

Heymann Brothers Films

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