Chasing Ghosts


Year: 2014
Country: USA
Run Time: 89 minutes

After the passing of his brother, 11-year-old Lucas Simons is obsessed with death. He continuously watches scary movies and dreams of becoming a horror director. He films anything morbid he can find, from road kill to cemeteries. After capturing a funeral on film, he notices what appears to be a ghost during playback. Lucas decides to upload it to YouTube, where it quickly amasses millions of views. Overnight, he becomes a celebrity. But it's not attention that he's seeking. One day Lucas sees a television interview with local author Chris Brighton (Tim Meadows, in an excellent dramatic performance), who recently endured a near-death experience. He decides to reach out, and the two form a close friendship. Through Brighton, Lucas begins to embrace living, rather than focus on dying. Their relationship also helps Brighton, who still hasn't fully taken advantage of his second chance. In the end, Lucas makes his directing debut; but it's not the kind of movie he originally envisioned. CHASING GHOSTS is an extremely touching, feel-good film and a stirring example of living life to the fullest. —E.F.

Joshua Shreve

Molly M. Mayeux

Joshua Chesler

Jeff Steinborn

Joshua Shreve

Principal Cast
Tim Meadows, Toby Nichols, Robyn Lively, Frances Conroy, W. Earl Brown

Director Bio
Joshua Shreve is a filmmaker currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up in Sweden. Shreve edited "Blind Turn," which won the Award of Excellence at the 2011 Accolade Competition.

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Print Source

Dahlia Street Films

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