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Dom Hemingway


Year: 2013
Run Time: 93 minutes

Dom Hemingway
Dom Hemingway

Jude Law, former “Sexiest Man Alive,” plays a bloated, hyperactive basket case in DOM HEMINGWAY, a stylized black comedy about an ex-con who continues on the warpath following 12 years in prison. Dom lets it all hang out in a memorable opening scene: foul-mouthed yet semi-profound, he’s a whole new category of larger-than-life gangster. Dom Hemingway may be a safecracker, but he’s a loyal friend to fellow criminal Dickie (Richard E. Grant, fabulously seedy). Dom takes Dickie to the south of France to visit his former crime boss, whose tail he saved by not ratting on him. After a weekend of babes and binging, Dom loses his payback booty to his hair-trigger temper. Somewhat chastened, he tries to make up with his adult daughter, who finds him as unsavory as ever. Audacious, violent, and vengeful, DOM HEMINGWAY is a modern human paradox. But no matter how much mayhem Dom spreads, we can’t help but hope, however improbably, for his redemption. —B.B

Dom Hemingway

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Richard Shepard

Jeremy Thomas

Richard Shepard

Giles Nuttgens

Dana Congdon

Principal Cast
Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir, Emilia Clarke, Kerry Condon, Jumayn Hunter, Madalina Ghenea, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Director Bio
Richard Shepard was born and raised in New York City. He attended NYU's film school but did not graduate because he failed his required science class. He is still awaiting his honorary degree. Mr. Shepard has written numerous screenplays for the studios and directed Emmy-winning television including the pilot of ABC's Ugly Betty.

Select Filmography
"The Linguini Incident" (1991), "Mercy" (1995), "Oxygen" (1999), "Mexico City" (2000), "The Matador" (2005), "The Hunting Party" (2007), DOM HEMINGWAY (2013)

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