Exhibits or Stories from the Castle (Exponáty, alebo príbehy z kaštiela)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 72 minutes

The website of the historic Slovak town of Stupava boasts a lively cultural calendar. Yet inside the gates of a Renaissance palace now used as a home for the infirm, time stands still. Its inhabitants make up the “exhibits” on display in this gently good-natured documentary. An eccentric and sometimes confused lot, they unselfconsciously relate their stories. There’s an incoherent philosopher and a legless man imprisoned for years for killing a cop. There’s a woman who collects pigeon feathers and one who sees aliens. There’s a devoted couple with six children who don’t visit, happy to just be together. Some set challenges for themselves; some sit in wheelchairs in the gardens and watch the world go by. Life ticks by at a lethargic pace, punctuated by the occasional sound of race cars or trains whistling through. The sun comes out periodically over the EXHIBITS OR STORIES FROM THE CASTLE, and the film’s humor never comes at the expense of its subjects. (In Slovak with subtitles) —B.B.

Palo Korec

Zuzana Balkóová, Judita Gembická

Palo Korec, Jozef Kulačik

Ján Meliš

Michal Kondrla

Director Bio
Palo Korec is a director, scriptwriter, and producer of documentary and fiction films. In 1992 he graduated from the Music and Dramatic Arts Academy in Bratislava, where he now teaches.

Select Filmography
"Under Surface" (2001), "Propeller" (2002), "So, This is the Track" (2004), "Ten" (2011), "Propeller – Search of Lost Time" (2013), EXHIBITS OR STORIES FROM THE CASTLE (2013)

Print Source

Pro Media s.r.o.



Community Partner

Cleveland Bratislava Sister Cities

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