Finding Home


Year: 2014
Run Time: 118 minutes

Stephanie Freed was just another soccer mom, content with her comfortable American lifestyle. But after hearing her father’s horrific stories of human trafficking while he was stationed in Cambodia, she decided she needed to see things for herself. In Cambodia she discovered something heartbreaking: bright, beautiful young women being exploited and sold into abhorrent slavery. Shaken, she took the initiative and co-founded Rapha House, an orphanage and recovery program for girls and young women trying to get out of the treacherous life in trafficking and prostitution. Through Rapha House, we meet a remarkable group of women and see the way in which their toxic pasts affect their lives. Filled with vivid interviews, striking locales, and revealing footage of the seamy Cambodian underbelly, FINDING HOME is a wakeup call to the Western world. Some stories are inspirational, some are frustrating. But all of them demonstrate the insuppressible human spirit, as these courageous women fight to create a better world. (In English and Khmer with subtitles) —C.P.

Derek Hammeke

Derek Hammeke, Stephanie Freed

Derek Hammeke

Derek Hammeke

Derek Hammeke


Director Bio
Derek Hammeke is a Missouri-based filmmaker with a degree in Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College. He owns a video production company and has received a number of awards for his short films.

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