Year: 2013
Country: ITALY
Run Time: 90 minutes

Martini’s left hand is called Handle, while his right hand is known as Handy. Martini relies upon Handle for his creative drive, while Handy is relegated to the armrest. After decades of being ignored and living with Handle’s mediocrity, Handy does what any sensible hand would do: he quite literally breaks free. With the help of a venerable writer (played by the legendary Franco Nero), Handy begins an enchanting journey across the entire globe that takes him from the Pyramids to Hollywood. When Handy meets a gorgeous disembodied hand named Manicure on a Sicilian beach, she sets his middle finger ablaze. It doesn’t take the two long to go palm to palm. But as Handy’s ambitions get bigger and bigger, he realizes he could be responsible for a perilous rebellion: “Handependence Day.” With adventure, comedy, and romance, HANDY is a sweeping epic with a remarkable protagonist that will take you along for a stunning, hand-affirming journey. Note: Recommended for pre-teens and older. (In English, Italian, and Hand with subtitles) —C.P.

Vincenzo Cosentino

Vincenzo Cosentino

Vincenzo Cosentino

Vincenzo Cosentino

Vincenzo Cosentino

Principal Cast
Franco Nero

Director Bio
Vincenzo Consentino, born in 1982 in Syracuse, Sicily, has made more than a dozen short films that have won numerous awards. He studied economics in Catania before pursuing his ambitions as a filmmaker.

Select Filmography
HANDY (2013)

Print Source

Handy Film



This film is presented with the generous support of JAMES S. ANDERSON and DAVID W. WITTKOWSKY.

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Cleveland Sight Center

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