Just About Famous


Year: 2014
Country: USA
Run Time: 95 minutes

Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, President George W. Bush, and Elvis Presley team up for this documentary... sort of. Actually, you are at the Sunburst Convention, a yearly gathering where professional celebrity impersonators gather to strut their stuff and attract the attention of agents. But the directors do more than just let us see them romping in character. Expanding on their award-winning 2010 short film (35th CIFF), we get to know the people behind the famous people they are imitating. We meet the retired high school principal who impersonates Hugh Hefner, as well as the man who impersonates both Gene Simmons from KISS and Neil Diamond. These are intelligent, driven professionals pursuing dreams of their own while pretending to be somebody else. We follow them through the rigors, training, and expense of imitating a famous person (such as replicating Lady Gaga's flaming bra) and get to share their joy in pulling it off. Sometimes quite bizarre, JUST ABOUT FAMOUS is as touching as it is fascinating. Did we mention the scuba-diving Elvis? —C.R.

Jason Kovacev, Matt Mamula

John Schaub

John Schaub, Matt Mamula, Aaron Hose

John Schaub, Matt Mamula

Director Bio
Jason Kovacev and Matt Mamula are both graduates of the University of Central Florida film program. Kovacev helped establish the location library for the Metro-Orlando Film Commission. Mamula does various freelance film/video work. They have collaborated on several award-winning short documentaries as directors, writers, and producers.

Select Filmography
"Gridiron Girls" (2012), JUST ABOUT FAMOUS (2014)

Print Source

Matt Mamula



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