Kidnapped for Christ


Year: 2014
Country: USA
Run Time: 85 minutes

With a 4.3 GPA and a potential college scholarship, David goes to sleep one night, eager to start his senior year. Sometime in the early hours of the morning, three men broke down his door and took him. His destination: The Dominican Republic. His parents had enrolled him in Escuela Caribe, a rehabilitation school for “troubled teens.” Film student Kate S. Logan stumbled upon the school and decided to shoot some footage of what she thought would be an uplifting story of redemption. But after some time at Escuela Caribe, she discovered the school specialized in brutal behavior modification and ex-gay reparative therapy. The kids were subjected to hard manual labor and degrading humiliation, and living in unmentionable rooms that muffle the sounds of abuse. The documentary KIDNAPPED FOR CHRIST follows David’s incredible journey as he and his classmates fight for hope. As they struggle, we realize how detrimentally important it is that these institutions be shut down. Angering, sobering, yet ultimately uplifting, David and his classmates leave Escuela Caribe demonstrating one remarkable quality: bravery. —C.P.

Kate S. Logan

Yada Zamora, Kate S. Logan, Paul A. Levin

Yada Zamora

Peter Borrud, Stash Slionski, Sam Allen, Joshua Csehak, Bradley Scott, Kate S. Logan

H. Dwight Raymond IV, Sean Yates

Director Bio
Kate S. Logan studied at Biola University in California. KIDNAPPED FOR CHRIST, shot while she was a film student, is her first feature.

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Print Source

The Film Collaborative

Community Partner

St. John's Episcopal Church

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