Lesbiana (Lesbiana—Une Révolution Parallèle)


Year: 2012
Country: CANADA
Run Time: 63 minutes

Pack your bags! We are going on a roadtrip! You will discover new lands and meet amazing and unique characters as Fougère takes us on a journey from Canada and throughout the U.S., revisiting many of the women she encountered during her travels in the 80s. These women—reaching across the U.S. from Arizona to Texas to Vermont—are in a way the mothers of this lesbian community, connecting through art, music, literature, academia, and political activism. They gave birth to the common goal of becoming a truly independent woman in a patriarchal society. While some chose to stay within the cities and coexist with those outside their lifestyle, others developed self-sustaining communities, separating themselves from the confines felt by a male-dominant society. Sounds from musicians Alix Dobkin, Ferron, and The Washington Sisters are sprinkled throughout, as they share their perspectives on how this movement and the lesbian community were developed and nurtured. By bringing together these voices, LESBIANA—A PARALLEL REVOLUTION shows us the enduring strength of women from all walks of life. —A.L.P.

Myriam Fougère

Myriam Fougère, Pauline Voisard

Myriam Fougère

Myriam Fougère, Nathalie Lasselin

Myriam Fougère

Director Bio
Myriam Fougère—artist, director, and writer—was born in Quebec City, Canada. In 2008 she won Best Experimental Documentary at the Baltimore Women's Film Festival for "On A Moving Path," her short film on breast cancer.

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