Resurrection of a Bastard (De wederopsstanding van een klootzak)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 89 minutes

Ronnie is not a nice man. In fact, most would say he’s a bastard. A brutal professional thug, he’s the type to murder an innocent bystander and brush it off as “collateral damage.” The man he works for, curiously known only as “James Joyce,” is an equally barbarous crime boss who takes pleasure in telling grotesque allegories. But when Ronnie has a near-fatal encounter with the wrong end of a gun, he wakes up a bit… different. Is this the Ronnie who used to kill in unpredictable fits of rage, or has he changed? Featuring cerebral characters, a tinge of magical realism, and the most bloodcurdling use of a vacuum cleaner in motion picture history, THE RESURRECTION OF A BASTARD is a complex thriller that explores the psyche of a bad, bad man. Guido van Driel’s adaptation of his own graphic novel sizzles with multi-layered performances, dazzling cinematography, and a heart-pounding climax. (In Dutch with subtitles) —C.P.

Guido van Driel

Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld

Bas Blokker, Guido van Driel

Lennert Hillege

Alain Dessauvage

Principal Cast
Yorick van Wageningen, Goua Robert Grovogui, Juda Goslinga

Director Bio
Guido Van Driel, born in Amsterdam in 1962, is a prominent Dutch cartoonist. He's said of his own career, "Better to be a late bloomer than a child genius." He turned to filmmaking at the age of 50 to complete his first screenplay.

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Print Source

Topkapi Films

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