Scent Of A Woman


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 12 minutes

On the eve of a romantic weekend upstate, sweet but profoundly awkward Chloe plans on telling Dan, her boyfriend of three weeks, that she loves him. While he prepares the one meal he knows how to make, fettuccine alfredo, she tries on sexy lingerie and works to build up her courage. Then, terror strikes as lactose intolerant Chloe comes face to face with Dan's creamy concoction. Chloe escapes to find her trusty dairy-aid, but she's all out. Not wanting to be rude (and hoping to titillate Dan with her voraciousness), Chloe throws caution to the wind and dives in to the meal. But as soon as the wine kicks in, so does the alfredo. Chloe runs to the bathroom in the hopes of suffering in private, but the size of the house only amplifies her thunderous farts. Will her hope for true love be squelched by her cock-blocking emissions?

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Lauren Savoy

Lauren Savoy

Halley Gross

Joe Arcidiacono

Trish Fuller

Principal Cast
Halley Gross, Ryan Eggold

Print Source

Pennywise inc

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