Sex, Drugs & Taxation (Spies & Glistrup)


Year: 2013
Country: DENMARK
Run Time: 110 minutes

Mogens Glistrup is a genius, or at least he was 15 years ago. When his long-lost friend Simon Spies has him take a look at his financial papers, Glistrup finds an interesting opportunity. In an act of revenge, the two team up and outwit a major airline and rebrand the company as their own. Under the new regime, Glistrup, an outspoken critic of the Danish government, finds an interesting series of loopholes that allows Spies’ company to legally avoid all taxes. Fueling a revolution, Glistrup becomes hungry with power. Meanwhile, Spies has a different agenda: women. Lots of them. And we mean lots of them. As his excessive lifestyle becomes a tabloid sensation, the company becomes a surprise frontrunner in the airline industry. But will Spies and Glistrup’s conflicting priorities lead to a revolution or a crash? A “this-couldn’t-have-actually-happened” true story, SEX, DRUGS & TAXATION is a rollicking biopic. And we get to watch as these loveable sleaze balls twist and cheat their way through every law in the books. (In Danish with subtitles) —C.P.

Christoffer Boe

Tine Grew Pfeiffer, Caroline SchlŘter Bingestam

Simon Pasternak, Christoffer Boe

Manuel Alberto Claro

Peter Brandt

Principal Cast
Pilou AsbŠk, Nicolas Bro, Trine Pallesen, Jesper Christensen

Director Bio
Christoffer Boe, born in 1974 in Rungsted Kyst, Demark, has been making films for over 15 years. He studied cinematography at Indiana University and continued his education at Copenhagen University and the National Film School of Denmark.

Select Filmography
"Reconstruction" (2003), "Allegro" (2005), "Offscreen" (2006), "Everything will be Fine" (2010), "Beast" (2010), SEX, DRUGS & TAXATION (2013)

Print Source

Danish Film Institute

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