She Wolf (Mujer Lobo)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 92 minutes

There are many sides to the serial killer in SHE WOLF. Well, three to be exact. She's the culmination of three separate identities who morph to attract potential victims and escape capture. It doesn't take much work to lure in victims, though. Unsuspecting men can't help but lust for the beautiful woman before them. But their pleasure quickly turns to pain as she turns feral, going from kinky to downright vicious in her transformation to the She Wolf. The trail of murders she's left behind has attracted the attention of a Buenos Aires detective who's hot on her trail. To make matters worse, one of the personalities has upset the balance by falling in love, jeopardizing the ruthless life they've grown accustomed to. SHE WOLF is a thrilling blend of sex and violence that blurs the line between excitement and terror. This dark yet highly erotic film has the same hypnotic power over its viewers that the she wolf does over her prey—you just can't help but watch. (In Spanish with subtitles) —E.F.

Tamae Garateguy

Jimena Monteoliva

Diego Fleischer

Pigu Gomez

Catalina Rincón

Principal Cast
Mónica Lairana, Guadalupe Docampo, Lujan Ariza, Edgardo Castro, Nicolás Goldschmidt

Director Bio
Tamae Garateguy is an actress, director, and writer who was born in Argentina in 1973. She studied literature, acting, and art at the University of Buenos Aires. Her crime film, "Pompeya," won the Kodak Award at the Mar del Plata Film Festival in 2010.

Select Filmography
"Upa! An Argentinian Movie" (2007), "Pompeya" (2010), SHE WOLF (2013)

Print Source

Crudo Films

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