Sources of Life (Quellen des Lebens)


Year: 2013
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 174 minutes

SOURCES OF LIFE is a sweeping saga that charts the course of three generations of a post-war German family. Based on filmmaker Oskar Roehler’s memoir Origins, it’s rife with nostalgia and cultural references to the birth pangs of the fledgling Federal Republic of Germany. Erich Freytag fought for the Nazis in the war and now struggles home to his unwelcoming wife Elisabeth. While Erich becomes a successful manufacturer of garden gnomes, his eldest son Klauss espires to be a writer. Klaus falls in lust with crazy Gisela, who is, frustratingly, a better writer than he is. Gisela bears a child named Robert, then vanishes and leaves the baby with his father. After years of shocking neglect, sad but defiant Robert is taken in by his grandparents, who help him find peace. Klaus and Gisela are based on Roehler’s train-wreck parents, who were prominent Socialist authors. A bittersweet tour de force featuring some of Germany’s most compelling actors. (In German with subtitles) —B.B.

Oskar Roehler

Stefan Arndt, Uwe Schott, Oliver Berben

Oskar Roehler

Carl-Friedrich Koschnick

Peter R. Adam

Principal Cast
Jürgen Vogel, Meret Becker, Moritz Bleibtreu, Lavinia Wilson, Lisa Smit

Director Bio
Oskar Roehler is a journalist and author as well as a director. The son of authors, he wrote a number of scripts before turning to directing in the mid-90s. His prize-winning film "No Place to Go" was based on the last days of the life of his mother, Gisela Elsner.

Select Filmography
"Gentleman" (1995), "Silvester Countdown" (1997), "Greedy" (1999), "No Place to Go" (2000)—25th CIFF, "Suck My Dick" (2001), "Angst" (2003), "Agnes and His Brothers" (2004), "Atomised" (2006), "Lulu and Jimi" (2009), "Jew Suss: Rise and Fall" (2010), SOURCES OF LIFE (2013)

Print Source

The Match Factory GmbH

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