Spider's Lair (Babagwa)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 102 minutes

Greg doesn't seem too serious about anything. He and his gender-bending friend Marney spend most of their time on Facebook, looking for rich people to scam. Greg pretends to be Bam, a handsome man who easily lures lonely and naïve individuals into forking over cash. Greg and Marney don't seem to care about the consequences of their actions at all. They stealthily move from person to person, leaving a slew of people broke and broken-hearted. Greg is also trying to balance his “job” as an online gigolo with his actual girlfriend. Their relationship mostly revolves around sex, despite her constant begging for something more meaningful. Things get heated when Greg ironically falls for one of his online victims, Daisy. This drives a wedge between him and Marney, who's understandably worried that Greg's feelings could jeopardize their entire operation. Even though they've never met, will Greg risk it all and reveal his secret to Daisy? Inspired by true events that happened to writer/director Jason Laxamana's friends, SPIDER'S LAIR is a thrilling and engrossing film that explores the unbelievable things people do for love. (In Tagalog with subtitles) —E.F.

Jason Paul Laxamana

Ferdinand Lapuz

Jason Paul Laxamana

Topel Lee

Carlo Manatad

Principal Cast
Alex Vincent Medina, Joey Paras, Alma Concepcion, Kiko Matos, Nico Antonio, Chanel Latorre

Director Bio
Jason Paul Laxamana is from the Philippines. He was born in 1987 and graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Laxamana was the script-supervisor on the award-winning 2008 film "Service."

Select Filmography
"Proud Astro" (2010), SPIDER'S LAIR (2013)

Print Source

Ignatius Films


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