That Burning Feeling


Year: 2013
Country: CANADA
Run Time: 90 minutes

Boy meets girl. Boy sleeps with girl. Boy doesn’t really know girl’s name, but that’s okay because boy has no intention of calling girl. Boy contracts a little something that rhymes with “shmonorrhea.” When Adam (Paulo Costanzo), a young womanizing professional, has to retrace his recent flings and inform them of his predicament, he never imagines the turns his once empty life will take. THAT BURNING FEELING is a romantic comedy that adapts the well-established boy-meets-girl scenario and injects it with chaos, unemployment, fencing, community organizing, and about 15 meds a day. With hilarious characters such as Adam’s scum of a boss, his neighbor, and the only girl he seems to want to call again—THAT BURNING FEELING takes the audience on a comic journey of self-discovery as Adam searches for meaning from the very people who know him best: the women he didn’t care to know at all. Delightful and charming, this is one film that is sure to leave you with a mark. (But not that kind of mark.) —T.W.

Jason James

Jason James, Marc Stephenson

Nick Citton

James Liston

Jamie Alain

Principal Cast
Paulo Costanzo, Ingrid Haas, John Cho, Tyler Labine, Emily Hampshire

Director Bio
Vancouver filmmaker Jason James is a veteran television producer. THAT BURNING FEELING won Best Canadian Feature at last year's Vancouver International Film Festival.

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Print Source

Resonance Films

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Engage Cleveland

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